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South Kensington Transom: Moravian Star


My newest transom design is a new version of my  original “Moravian Star” transom.  Here I used water glass for the star shapes, which created an almost metallic effect that I really ended up liking. I love how this detail below turned out! (Photos by Nichola Kinch)

MBSG Glass Featured in Exhibition

Hi everybody! I am excited to have Debra Ward’s Post & Lintel featured in the Exhibition Collection at Vox Populi Gallery. The exhibition has a fun theme- it brings together more than 60 works of art owned, loved, and hung in the homes of Vox Populi members and board members. I originally made Post &… Read more »

Link to KO Angotti Blogpost

Link to KO Angotti Blogpost

Before the holidays I did a really fun, taped short video interview with Kara Angotti, a local Philadelphia Interior Designer. Enjoy!